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Outstanding Chapters

Each District Meeting, Chapter Presidents and District Staff vote on the Outstanding Chapter since the last meeting.  This is typically the chapter which has made significant progress toward a goal or completed a campaign with measurable results.  Here are the Pacific Western District Winners since 2008:

 Date      Host City        Host State  Awarded Outstanding Chapter
 August 2014  Salt Lake City             UT  
 May 2014             Modesto      CA  Northern Sierra
 January 2014       Kona  HI  Gold Rush and Salt Lake City
 August 2013  Portland  OR  Portland
 May 2013      Medford  OR             Santa Clara
 January 2013  Honolulu                       HI  Santa Clara
 August 2012  Santa Clara  CA  Treasure Valley
 May 2012  Reno  NV  Portland
 January 2012  Kona  HI  Northern Sierra
 August 2011  Seattle  WA      Portland and Solano
 April 2011  Park City  UT  Gold Rush
 January 2011  Honolulu                       HI  Gold Rush and Salt Lake City
 August 2010  Foster City  CA  Golden Gate
 April 2010  Portland  OR  Gold Rush
 January 2010  Honolulu                      HI  Sundance
 September 2009  Reno  NV  
 June 2009  Sacramento  CA  Sacramento
 January 2009  Honolulu                      HI  Portland and Sundance
 July 2008  San Jose  CA  Santa Clara
 April 2008  Spokane  WA  Sacramento
 January 2008  Honolulu                      HI  Portland